• My #1 Priority is to Provide Jobs!

    "Southern Oregon has struggled with unusually high unemployment and slow job growth for the last 10 years. The most important challenge we're facing today is creating family wage jobs and improving the economy."

  • It’s Time for
    New Leadership.

    "It’s time for new leadership, new ideas and a new direction. Dave Dotterrer is a highly capable, compassionate, committed, and proven leader who deeply cares about Southern Oregon."

  • No More Taxes!

    "Dave Dotterrer believes that the legislature should balance Oregon’s budget without raising taxes. Oregonians send enough of their hard-earned dollars to Salem—more than enough meet the state’s need’s."

  • A Better Way...

    "Southern Oregon deserves better than what we’ve been getting—taxation, regulation, government waste. Southern Oregon deserves a proven leader like Dave Dotterrer."

It is time for new leadership, new ideas, and a new direction.

Oregonians, we are not on the path to prosperity. It is time for new leadership, new ideas, and a new direction for our great state during these uncertain, difficult times...

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A Miscellany

I feel lucky to have been born and raised in Oregon and to have been able to retire here after 27 years in the U.S. Marines. But lately it has become more and more difficult for citizens and businesses to thrive economically here in Southern Oregon. ..

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Tort Reforms

It is widely recognized that we are a litigious society. Too many lawsuits kill jobs, reduce competitiveness and productivity, take too long to settle, and drive prices up for virtually every product and service in the U.S. ..

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