• Cover Oregon

    "Cover Oregon will end up costing taxpayers more than $300 million due to negligence and mismanagement by our state’s leadership."

    "Join me, and together we can get Oregon back on track."

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  • It’s time to
    do what's right
    for Oregon.

    "My lifelong leadership experience gives me the unique ability to affect positive change."

  • It’s time to restore great leadership.

    "We need someone in office who can effect the changes needed to get Southern Oregon back on the right road to prosperity."

  • It’s time for Dave.

    "I promise to work hard to make Southern Oregon an even better place to live."

It is time for new leadership, new ideas, and a new direction.

Oregonians, we are not on the path to prosperity. It is time for new leadership, new ideas, and a new direction for our great state during these uncertain, difficult times...

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July 4th, Ashland, Oregon

Dave Dotterrer and many of his supporters participated in the July 4th Ashland, Oregon Parade. The festivities began early with a run, followed by the Parade, activities, food and afternoon entertainment at the Band Shell in Lithia Park. The day concluded late that evening with a spectacular fireworks display for all to see. ..

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